Welcome to the PGMS!

Welcome to the Professional GameMaster Society

There’s been some talk on Google+ and on Roll20 about the idea of Professional GameMastering.  Spurred on by the enthusiasm for the concept by GameMasters who contributed to our ‘Concepts & Brainstorming’ sessions we decided to create the Professional GameMaster Society website, via which we hope to parley our ideas into real world results.   We will be posting our experiences and advice to GameMasters here.   Please stay tuned and help to expand upon the concept.

About vbwyrde

I am a RPG GamesMaster of my own long standing homebrew system named Elthos RPG. In order to facilitate my game play I programmed a web application named The Mythos Machine which is features on the Elthos.com website. It is designed to help GameMaster the Elthos RPG. It's been a great project and I hope it will garner interest in the community of GamesMasters.
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