Some basic IRC commands that will make your life easier.

  • /who <nick> – This allows you to get more information about someone in a channel.
  • /list <keyword> – This will return a list of all channels available on a network that have your keyword in the name or description (keyword is optional).
  • /join <#channel name>- This allows you to join a channel via the Freenode command line. Remember to prefix the channel name with a hash (“#”)
  • /invite – This allows you to invite a user to another channel for a chat.
  • /away – Tells users that you’re away from your PC for a bit
  • /quit – Tells the network you’re done and are leaving
  • To Whisper / Private Message someone in the chat click on their name and some options will come up. One of them is Message. This will open a new window for both of you to chat in privately, should you wish.

(brought to us by the very kind people at and IRC Tutorial)