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Pro-GM Websites 


Demiplane is an app and a website that connects players to GM’s. It allows them to fill out a 10 second preference profile, and then match that profile with the right player and GM.

Additional Info: Demiplane Blog

Start Playing Games:

Start Playing Games, or SPG, started in 2020 after attracting attention at Y-Combinator. They have a strong community, and actively market their site across several different platforms.

Additional Info: Start Playing Games FAQ

Side-By-Side Comparison
Pro-GM Service Comparison Chart Start Playing Games Demiplane
Parent Company Qualetta DEMIPLANE
Service Fee 10% (includes Stripe costs) 10% (Split with player 5% to GM and 5%+$0.31 to the player). Players who leave before the first hour of a session are not charged.
Community Resources Art via Google Drive, Accessible through Discord Server; 1-on-1 On-Boarding if requested Yes, ongoing and under construction
Education/Workshops GM Hosted In House, Podcasts, Articles, Discord Streams
Private Bookings Yes Yes- with 3 registered players minimum, and dual confirmation from GM and group
Payment Structure Independent Contractor- 1099 Independent Contractor- 1099
Withdraw Threshold $25 minimum/ local currency equivalent $0.00 Once a week payment (Tips and payments)
Exclusivity Requirements (Restricted Transferability of Players) Yes No
Player Age Requirement 18+ (13+, with parent or guardian) 18+
Forced Arbitration Clause Yes ???

Pro-GM Related Online Tools and Utilities

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