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I am a RPG GamesMaster of my own long standing homebrew system named Elthos RPG. In order to facilitate my game play I programmed a web application named The Mythos Machine which is features on the website. It is designed to help GameMaster the Elthos RPG. It's been a great project and I hope it will garner interest in the community of GamesMasters.

Nerdarchy on Professional Gamemastering

My comments are below the video but I will post them here as well. There are a bunch of different models for Professional Gamemastering. The one discussed the single one that I think is the least likely to succeed, or … Continue reading

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Welcome to the PGMS!

Welcome to the Professional GameMaster Society There’s been some talk on Google+ and on Roll20 about the idea of Professional GameMastering.  Spurred on by the enthusiasm for the concept by GameMasters who contributed to our ‘Concepts & Brainstorming’ sessions we … Continue reading

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